What you will learn

  • Firstly, you will study the electricity by identifying electrical power, electrical field, electrical voltage, studying the law of Gauss and electrical flow, and then we would get to address the electrical circuits, identify its components and study some types of these circuits in detail.
  • Secondly, there is magnetism which is started by identifying the magnetic force, magnetic field and then the Gauss's law in the case of magnetism and also Ampere's law.
  • Then you would study the electromagnetic induction and how to generate an electric impulse using the magnetic field.
  • Finally, you will get to study a part of the optics includes flat and spherical mirrors as well as lenses and their applications such as magnifying glass, microscope and telescope.


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  1. Current
  2. Resistance -Resistivity
  3. Electromotive force -circuit

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