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Narration language: Arabic


Material language: English




 Physics 2 is the second course of preparatory physics. In general physics is the subject that deals with studying the phenomena that occur around us in nature, by methods originally based on observation and experiments. Especially, this course was made by experienced teachers that did their best to help you learn the theory behind each topic in the easiest way possible using animation, this course will also teach you step by step how to solve each topic with different approaches. in addition you will have a list of problems you can solve with a guided gaming program that will help you in achieving a deep understanding of the subject, you will also get a customize exam to your needs that you can test yourself with it to see if you have achieved the best result.


By the end of this course you will learn

*Firstly, you will study the electricity by identifying electrical power, electrical field, electrical voltage, studying the law of Gauss and electrical flow, and then we would get to address the electrical circuits, identify its components and study some types of these circuits in detail.

*Secondly, there is magnetism which is started by identifying the magnetic force, magnetic field and then the Gauss's law in the case of magnetism and also Ampere's law.

 *Then you would study the electromagnetic induction and how to generate an electric impulse using the magnetic field.

*Finally, you will get to study a part of the optics includes flat and spherical mirrors as well as lenses and their applications such as magnifying glass, microscope and telescope.




You should have a decent foundation in secondary grade physics. If you have some experience with Electricity and Magnetism, that will definitely be helpful, but it's not absolutely necessary. you should have a good foundation in physics 1 which has, motion, newton’s laws, work and energy.




Theory videos: we will explain the theory to you using simple animation that will help you get the point easily and effortlessly. you will get excited learning the theory with these and you will have fun watching each theory being unfold


Practical videos: we solve problems for every single math issue you’ll encounter in class. We start from the beginning as we explain the problem setup and why its set it up that way, and slove it step by step for you to understand each part as we go along


Notes: The notes section of each lesson is where you find the most important things to remember. Everything you need to know will be given to you in these notes


 (COMING SOON) Practice game: When you think you’ve got a good grasp on a topic within a course, you can test your knowledge by taking the practice game. this game is designed to help you with understanding the topic and it will gradually increase the difficulty questions till you finish it and by the end of this game. you will get a chart that identify your weakness and you can continue the game to eliminate that weekness


(COMING SOON) Customized exam: after finishing some number of the topics within this course and you feel confident in your knowledge in them. you can customize an exam for these topics and pick the time you want to take the exam for it and the number of questions in that exam and test yourself with it. after the exam finish you will get a grade for the exam and see if you accomplished your goals in this course.


Supervisor: if you didn’t understand something in the video ask a question using the comments below the notes and one of our teachers will answer and explain it to you in a very through approach


(COMING SOON) Question Bank: you have a problem that you cant solve search through our hunderd of questions and solutions in our question bank

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