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the graph of parametric equations يسمى بـ a parametric curve اوالـ  plane curve ويرمز له بالرمز  C


Suppose that x and y are both given as functions of a third variable t (called a parameter) by the equations :

X = f(t) , y =g(t)

ونُسمى المعادلتين بـ (parametric equation  )

Each value of t determines a point (x,y) which we can plot in a coordinate plane. As t varies, the point (x,y)= (f(t),g(t)) varies and traces out a curve C, which we call a parametric curve. The parameter t does not necessarily represent time and, in fact, we could use a letter other than t for the parameter. But in many applications of parametric curves, t does denote time and therefore we can interpret

(x,y)= (f(t),g(t)) as the position of a particle at time t

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