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  • The isentropic efficiency of a turbine: the ratio of the actualwork output of the turbine to the work output that would be achieved if theprocess between the inlet state and the exit pressure were isentropic.

$$\eta_{T}=\frac{\text { Actual turbine work }}{\text { Isentropic turbine work }}=\frac{w_{a}}{w_{s}}$$

  • The isentropic efficiency of a compressor: the ratio of thework input required to raise the pressure of a gas to a specified value in anisentropic manner to the actual work input

$$\eta_{C}=\frac{\text { Isentropic compressor work }}{\text { Actual compressor work }}=\frac{w_{s}}{w_{a}}$$

  • The isentropic efficiency of a nozzle: xthe ratio of the actualkinetic energy of the fluid at the nozzle exit to the kinetic energy value at the exit of an isentropic nozzle for the same inlet state and exit pressure

$$\eta_{N}=\frac{\text { Actual KE at nozzle exit }}{\text { Isentropic } \mathrm{KE} \text { at nozzle exit }}=\frac{V_{2 a}^{2}}{V_{2 s}^{2}}$$

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