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An order for an automobile can specify either an
automatic or a standard transmission, either with or without
air-conditioning, and any one of the four colors red, blue,
black or white. Describe the set of possible orders for this

S = {(aut, with AC, red), (aut, with AC, blue), ……}


An order for a computer system can specify memory
of $$4,8,$$ or 12 gigabytes, and disk storage of $$200,300,$$ or 400
gigabytes. Describe the set of possible orders.

$$S=\{(4,200),(4,300),(4,400),(8,200) \ldots\}$$


Calls are repeatedly placed to a busy phone line until
a connect is achieved. describe the sample space

$$b \rightarrow$$ buy
$$c \rightarrow$$ connect

$$S=\{c, b c, b b c, \dots\} $$

$$n(s) \rightarrow \infty$$

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